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Who Are We ?

In our modest garden in the village of Assos, we grow our own produce and obtain olive oil from our olive trees. We use the olive oil obtained in all of our Lalive products, thereby preserving the beauty that nature offers us through our brand.

Lalive self-care and health products are natural, additive-free, and vegan. What’s more, all the ingredients are obtained from the farmers of our region. Our efforts are aimed at making the most out of the fertile soils of Turkey all the while supporting our local workers.

Here at Lalive, our goal is to give you healing, natural products while offering you a lifestyle in which nature, personal care, and love are at the forefront.

The Most Beautiful Gift, from Our Family to Yours

Zeyitn dalı
Lalive Vücut Yağı


At Lalive, our mission is to provide holistic health and wellness through all-natural, olive oil-based products that nourish the body and soul. We aim to minimize our ecological footprint and produce eco-friendly skin and body care products with recyclable packaging. As for sustainability, we go beyond our products and prioritize supporting women’s employment to create a strong and equitable workforce. Our products are hand-made by women of the region. Together, we aspire to build a community that both values health and environmental consciousness and enriches their lives by developing self-care rituals.


As Lalive, we believe that the best of everything emerges from nature and that the natural is the most beautiful. We aim to prioritize Turkey’s unique geography, its beauty, and the farmers, artisans, women, and children who take care of it. In this regard, Lalive aims to represent the Aegean coast of Turkey, the nature, productivity, and specialty of our country with all its splendor at an international level and to glorify our Turkish farmers with the profits generated. In addition, we obtain our labels and packaging from 99% recycled materials. Lalive aims to be not only a brand with beauty and health-oriented products but also a brand with high social awareness, a sense of responsibility, and strong values. We aspire to offer you not only high-quality goods but also a quality way of living and consuming.


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