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Lalive Self-Care Kit

"Take care of your body, naturally."

The set includes a Natural Loofah Sponge, Natural Olive Oil Soap, and Lalive Body Oil.

Our loofah sponge is waste-free and biodegradable. It is made from pure fibers and its durable structure ensures long-lasting use.

Our 100% natural, handmade olive oil soap helps the skin achieve a vibrant, silky, and soft appearance.

Formulated with olive oil, our body oil is rich in antioxidant polyphenols and fatty acids, allowing it to deeply moisturize the skin and give it a radiant appearance. The high level of vitamin E prevents the formation of stretch marks and nourishes the skin.

How to Use:

Lather the fiber with Lalive Natural Olive Oil Soap and gently apply it all over your body with circular movements.
Rinse your body with water and dry it.
After each use, rinse the fiber with warm water and let it dry.
Moisturize your dry skin with Lalive Body Oil.

Lalive Self-Care Kit



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